04 October 2007


so, i haven't heard anything back from the guy about the job and i called him to see what was happening with it - left a voicemail. so that's probably a no-go.

what else is new? well, i took the buddies to the vet, they hadn't been for over a year and it was time plus vera had something yucky happening with her eye - turns out it was conjunctivitis or as more commonly known, pink eye. coach had a bacterial infection in his ear which needed cleaning and treating and now they are both doing much better. Vera has some eyelashes to grow back, but otherwise they are doing fine. i just planted a bunch of florida broadleaf mustard greens for killian, because the vet says he is too hot and i should feed him greens. hopefully that will be helpful and he will actually eat it. no big deal though since it is 75cents for like 5 million seeds at the seed and feed store.

i haven't taken many photos lately. i don't want to say i've been busy because i have free time. sometimes i'm just not sure where it all goes. i know something that i would like to change is getting up earlier. it is definitely a big struggle area in my life and i really want God to give me victory over it so that i can be more productive and share david's feelings of weariness at the same time as him, so i can be more understanding and supportive. it seems so simple, and i've heard all the advice in the world, but i know it just comes down to allowing God to be glorified in that area of my life, my day.

so, i hope to take some more photos sometime soon. i'm sure there are people who want their photo taken. anyone? i'm thinking i should snap some shots of that weins baby, so cute!

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