16 December 2007

Our Trip!

1049 miles. 4 stops in across 3 states. 54 holes of disc golf. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, livers and kidneys needed and received. And more. We saw alot of people, didn't get to see some other people, and definitely had a good time.

The biggest thing was Jemma's Dad getting his transplant Thursday. That was definitely an answer to prayer. He's doing well so far according to the doctors, which is great. We stayed at their house for a few days, and man, is it amazing! I've seen pictures, but you have to see it in person. Great area of the country too.

Then we went to Columbia, SC to hang out with Mary K and Daniel. His hair is terrible. But we had fun going around Columbia, checking out genetically engineered switchgrass, Arkansas Travelers at Yesterday's, 36 holes of disc golf with Daniel and Andy, Guitar Hero ownage by Mary K, and lots of fun.

We rounded out our trip in Augusta, staying with Aunt Dianne and Uncle Jimmy. They were awesome hosts, and we loved getting to spend time with them. We made the rounds around Augusta/Hephzibah, seeing family and shopping. I played 18 holes of disc golf with Joe B, which I won, but we were oddly very even on almost every hole. Like, our drives would land within feet of each other, and when one of us hit a tree, the other one did too. Then we got Sno Cap from North Augusta, which rocked.

Alot more stuff happened, and we took pictures. Jemma will probably post some pictures and some other stuff, but that's all I got for now.


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