11 July 2008

Lately :-)

So things have been busy in the Coleman household. We've finally gotten things mostly settled in our new place - it's nice that I don't look at each weekend or day off as time to tackle some other house project. At our new place, we've got three bedrooms; the brodie blue one is ours with a connecting bathroom in bright sherbet. Jessica, our awesome roomie lives in the room at the end of the hall. The last bedroom is an interesting shade of tan/brown and houses all of my crafty stuff! The other bathroom is turquoise and has an awesome shower curtain that David picked out. We've got sort of two living rooms, a big big kitchen, and a nice dining room. The cherries on top are the awesome back porch & yard plus a 2 car garage! We really love it here. Here are some pics!

On the job front, I just got a new job in Gainesville which means that I don't have to commute 50 miles each way to work! My new commute is 8.5 miles and it still takes me about an hour including changing clothes and freshening up, but it's all worth it since I am riding my bike to work!! WOohoooOOoooO! I'm very excited about this exercise opportunity! I rode in today for supervision this morning and then rode all the way back home. There were times when I had to psyche myself back into the riding on some of the longer hills, but I made it and I'm very proud of myself. :-P David does this every single day, so I have a lot to live up to!

I'm so pumped about the bike-riding that I often forget to talk about the new job. I guess part of the reason is that it isn't too much of a change. Same agency, different location, slightly different role. Instead of counseling children and going into the schools during the year and doing summer camp when school's out, I will be doing intakes half the week and the other half will be for seeing a small caseload of clients. Intake is the first appointment you go to with a therapist and at Meridian it isn't always with the therapist you will continue on with, but it is an important role as you are often the person who will represent Meridian to them on the front lines, so to speak. I'm looking forward to working with adults again & working on my skills with kids some more as well.

You probably figured out from of my photography posts that one of my best friends, Jocelyn is getting married to the wonderful Jeremy in September. It will be in Lyons, CO which is one of the best places to visit. I am going to be a bridesmaid, singing a little, and doing some photography with the best helper ever, the David. The wedding is going to rock and so will the party afterward! We're pretty excited as this will be our third wedding. I am also shooting one in August for the beautiful Sereen & talented Dan here in Gainesville. We just did our first wedding with Clinton & Felicia in May. They are the brave souls who gave me my first paid portrait session and now the first wedding. We just presented their photos to them last weekend and next is creating and designing their photo album! Exciting!

So, the photography business is trickling along, which is kind of perfect for us right now. My dream is to be able to get my license for counseling and have developed a decent part-time stint in photography by May 2010. It's so crazy to think about that being a year. Will I say "twenty-ten" or "two thousand ten"? It would also be sweet if I had time to get a hair-cutting and coloring permit by then too. I have this idea that I could be a stay-at-home-mom-slash-photographer-slash-therapist-slash-hair-didder and get the best of all worlds, plus cheap haircuts for the fam. Wouldn't that be sweet? We'll see what God says.

Speaking of God, we have been trying out a new church this summer. We've been going the The Family Church (TFC) in Gainesville and so far so good. We just finished up a Love & Respect class which focused on our marriage relationship. It was pretty enlightening and all that jazz. We learned some good stuff to practice. Next on our agenda is finding a family group to attend. We've been really blessed this summer with fellowship with our roommate and a few other friends like Jackie & Elijah, Renee, and Matt & Rebecca, so it has been easy to stay in that comfort zone.

I think that about sums up most of our life besides our trip to Colorado in May which I still need to edit photos for... David is going to post about that later I think. Thanks for checking in with us. Until next time...