29 October 2007

alan's art show

I went to Alan's Art Show yesterday at the Christian Study Center in Gainesville. It consisted of Alan's art, Alan's friends' art (including mine), live music (including me), cool people (that would be me included), neat photographers walking around (er, me), and the theme was black & green (look at me).

So anyway, here are the shots I took some time in editing from the show. Enjoy!

photo services

so, lately I have had a few people ask me to take photos of them for engagement pics, or for family pics, or other random things. I'm pretty excited to get some experience under my belt and perhaps make a few dollars. So, if you know anyone who is looking for a less expensive but awesome ;-) photographer, refer them to me and I could probably cut them a deal.


28 October 2007


Ok, Georgia flat outplayed Florida today. Kudos to Willie Martinez for saving his job after the UT game (and the entire last season). Kudos to Moreno and UGA's DL. Well done.

I will revert to the tried and true Florida fan act of saying "Wait till next year". Except, since we've won 2 National Championships and 15 of the last 18 from UGA since anybody ran over us like Moreno did tonight, it's not cliche like it's been in decades past.

Next year:
  • 76% of our team won't be freshmen or sophomores.
  • Zook's terrible swan song 2004 recruiting class and Meyer's 2005 makeshift 1 month of recruiting class will be mostly gone.
  • Major Wright won't be hurt.
  • Tim Tebow won't be hurt.
  • 4 starters on our DL won't go out with injuries.
  • Kyle Jackson will graduate.
  • Phil Trautwein (All-SEC OL) will be back from a foot injury after redshirting his 4th year.
  • All those 76% of underclassmen who are the back to back #1 ranked recruiting classes in the nation will remember this loss.
Also, could somebody explain to me why Richt sent his team out to celebrate and taunt after that first TD? I mean, I know that's how he ran the show at FSU, but is that how we play in the SEC? I sure hope not. Even Spurrier, who knew how to run up the score, didn't intentionally send players off the bench to taunt, threatening them if they didn't. That just seemed very out of character for Richt, who has come a long way in the class department from his days at Miami and FSU. That is all.

This is a note to the SEC: Catch us this year. While we're down and young. Because the future is very bright in Gainesville.


22 October 2007

feeling mo' bettah

david and i are pretty much better now, which is nice. that was probably one of the longest colds i've had. it was over a week! yeesh! so i think i am getting addicted to facebook. i keep finding new friends! i can't help it! ok i can... and i will, right after i tell you about my latest photos.

i took some self-portraits because i wanted a recent photo of myself that was taken on purpose. i had some fun in lightroom with them and here are the results. click for more.

18 October 2007

sicky poo! & mandolins!

me and david are sick sick sick! david missed work yesterday, he was not feeling good at all. after a day of rest, he is back in there, hopefully he is on the way out of it. i'm not sure what is happening with me, i feel better then i feel worse. heather dicus (mah good friend) brought us over some hot chicken noodle soup which she whipped up as soon as she heard we were sick. she is da' bomb. it was some fancy soup. heather what were those little leaf looking spice herb thingies?

please pray that we'll both be mo' bettah so that we can hang out with people this weekend at our homegroup retreat and i can sing at church sunday without getting everyone else sick too!

in other news, i'm learning to play the mandolin. it's kind of fun. my friend let me borrow hers. i need to find a way to plug it in so that i can hear how it is supposed to sound. apparently it is a lower end electric acoustic, meaning the acoustic isn't its strong point. maybe i can get my amp from home... mum? or did you steal it dad? :-P

love you all and thinking of you much!


16 October 2007

colorado pics are up

if you didn't get to see pictures from my trip to colorado last august ('06) you should definitely check these out!

15 October 2007

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

mr. rogers was right. we took a walk the other day and found all kinds of wonderful things to photograph. there are a lot of kitties, like this one

as well as homes that are quirky, like this one:

and even some pretty trash by the road:

it was a fun time. it is so nice outside now. how's your weather? click "say something" and let us know.

love, jemma

13 October 2007

Cook off

So my team made ugly cake for the bake off. Except it wasn't called ugly cake, because Paula Deen tried to claim it as her own "gooey butter cake" recipe or something. Weak. So when I was putting it all together, I made it as smooth as possible, in an attempt to win appearance points. Also, we sprinkled powdered sugar on the top for this goal. This was futile, as seen by the pictures of the other desderts. And it made it taste not as good, in my opinion.

Moral of the Story: Never compromise ugly cake's looks in order to impress. The appeal is the ugliness followed by the amazing taste.


11 October 2007

bake-off pics

so our homegroup and another had a fun little event in which we formed teams and cooked different paula deen desserts and then had others judge them for taste, appearance, and adherence to the recipe. the winner was this autumn apple cake:

click to see more!

04 October 2007


so, i haven't heard anything back from the guy about the job and i called him to see what was happening with it - left a voicemail. so that's probably a no-go.

what else is new? well, i took the buddies to the vet, they hadn't been for over a year and it was time plus vera had something yucky happening with her eye - turns out it was conjunctivitis or as more commonly known, pink eye. coach had a bacterial infection in his ear which needed cleaning and treating and now they are both doing much better. Vera has some eyelashes to grow back, but otherwise they are doing fine. i just planted a bunch of florida broadleaf mustard greens for killian, because the vet says he is too hot and i should feed him greens. hopefully that will be helpful and he will actually eat it. no big deal though since it is 75cents for like 5 million seeds at the seed and feed store.

i haven't taken many photos lately. i don't want to say i've been busy because i have free time. sometimes i'm just not sure where it all goes. i know something that i would like to change is getting up earlier. it is definitely a big struggle area in my life and i really want God to give me victory over it so that i can be more productive and share david's feelings of weariness at the same time as him, so i can be more understanding and supportive. it seems so simple, and i've heard all the advice in the world, but i know it just comes down to allowing God to be glorified in that area of my life, my day.

so, i hope to take some more photos sometime soon. i'm sure there are people who want their photo taken. anyone? i'm thinking i should snap some shots of that weins baby, so cute!