28 October 2007


Ok, Georgia flat outplayed Florida today. Kudos to Willie Martinez for saving his job after the UT game (and the entire last season). Kudos to Moreno and UGA's DL. Well done.

I will revert to the tried and true Florida fan act of saying "Wait till next year". Except, since we've won 2 National Championships and 15 of the last 18 from UGA since anybody ran over us like Moreno did tonight, it's not cliche like it's been in decades past.

Next year:
  • 76% of our team won't be freshmen or sophomores.
  • Zook's terrible swan song 2004 recruiting class and Meyer's 2005 makeshift 1 month of recruiting class will be mostly gone.
  • Major Wright won't be hurt.
  • Tim Tebow won't be hurt.
  • 4 starters on our DL won't go out with injuries.
  • Kyle Jackson will graduate.
  • Phil Trautwein (All-SEC OL) will be back from a foot injury after redshirting his 4th year.
  • All those 76% of underclassmen who are the back to back #1 ranked recruiting classes in the nation will remember this loss.
Also, could somebody explain to me why Richt sent his team out to celebrate and taunt after that first TD? I mean, I know that's how he ran the show at FSU, but is that how we play in the SEC? I sure hope not. Even Spurrier, who knew how to run up the score, didn't intentionally send players off the bench to taunt, threatening them if they didn't. That just seemed very out of character for Richt, who has come a long way in the class department from his days at Miami and FSU. That is all.

This is a note to the SEC: Catch us this year. While we're down and young. Because the future is very bright in Gainesville.


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