18 October 2007

sicky poo! & mandolins!

me and david are sick sick sick! david missed work yesterday, he was not feeling good at all. after a day of rest, he is back in there, hopefully he is on the way out of it. i'm not sure what is happening with me, i feel better then i feel worse. heather dicus (mah good friend) brought us over some hot chicken noodle soup which she whipped up as soon as she heard we were sick. she is da' bomb. it was some fancy soup. heather what were those little leaf looking spice herb thingies?

please pray that we'll both be mo' bettah so that we can hang out with people this weekend at our homegroup retreat and i can sing at church sunday without getting everyone else sick too!

in other news, i'm learning to play the mandolin. it's kind of fun. my friend let me borrow hers. i need to find a way to plug it in so that i can hear how it is supposed to sound. apparently it is a lower end electric acoustic, meaning the acoustic isn't its strong point. maybe i can get my amp from home... mum? or did you steal it dad? :-P

love you all and thinking of you much!


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