13 September 2007

Biking to work

So I've been biking to work the last couple of months, and it's been awesome. It's about 7.25 miles, mostly flatish both ways, good bike lanes or back neighborhood roads. It's generally a 26-28 minute ride in the morning, depending on what lights I catch and how hard I push. Since driving is about 15 minutes with all the school zones (which only teaches kids that they are special and the world will wait for them...lies), it's a 1o minute difference, except I get in my cardio for the day an all that.

I rode to campus throughout my undergrad, but biking to work is viewed differently. Some people think I'm crazy (I surely give them enough other reasons), but here's how I look at it:
  • Gas is expensive. I save around 2-2.50 each day I ride in gas.
  • Insurance is expensive. Since I'm driving the car less than the ~7000/year that I had been averaging, I get a break on the premium with a restricted use rating. That saves a few hundred a year.
  • Free exercise that fits into my schedule nicely. If I were to go to the gym and work out for an hour, it'd take me a half an hour to get down there and back, and all that junk. This way, it just means I get up 10 minutes earlier and get home 10 minutes later.
  • Gas funds terrorism, or something. Gas companies must be terrorists with the interest rates on those gas cards at any rate.
  • One less trip probably saves the earth. At least it might keep Al Gore from telling another Inconvenient Lie or something.
So yeah, I'm definitely a proponent of commuting by bike. It's really good for me, it wasn't too hard to get started, and it's good for the environment and junk. Maybe I could take some pics of my commute each morning (the sunrise is pretty), or my bike (it's teal, which is sassy), or my helmet (it's orange and blue). There's a link on the right for a blog that has alot of information about commuting to work. Check it out, it's pretty cool.



Unknown said...

you're sassy david. and i love you!

Anonymous said...

good for you da-vid! justin biked to work too...but he was managing the bookstore on campus. He'll bike to work as a missionary too - but he's "supposed" to look like a college student so it's likely he'll not get as much flack as you. Three cheers for biker dudes!