26 September 2007

job prayers & updated firsts gallery

so i saw a posting for a job as a substance abuse counselor on my counselor education list serv and decided to apply for it. it's a temporary job until next summer, starting soon, and after speaking with the person in charge of hiring, he seemed to think that if i were selected, they could work around my current schedule until i graduate, at which point i could resume full time. if i got this job it would mean a couple things:

1) bye bye free time and having a stress-free last semester
2) hello extra income
a) pay off debt quicker
b) save up money for house/move to colorado/camera lenses/bike for david

it'd be perfect because it is temporary and we want to move anytime after i graduate. this would really be more convenient since our lease goes til May 1. i'm sure we could extend it one month, it'd really be doing the landlord a favor, renting an extra summer month.

anyway, i really want this to be a God thing and not a forced thing on my part. so would you be praying for me that God would do what he does best and leave it up to him. the other prayer would be that if i were offered the job, they would allow me to work 20 hours a week until i graduate, and at that point switching up to 40. it isn't the highest paying job ever at 30K, but it definitely would be helpful where we are right now.

also, check out the gallery, i've updated the firsts album with more pics.

love, jemma

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