22 September 2007

stinky is here & beach retreat

The Stink is here helping us figger out what is wrong with the pink car. He picked us up in Daytona on his way up to Gainesville which made for a better 2nd half of the trip up for him (so I like to think) and we got to hang out with him extra that we wouldn't normally get to :-) woot!

David and I were in Daytona Beach for the Beach Retreat with our church and a few other churches in our family of... churches... man that is a lot of church in one sentence!

We stayed overnight in a very juicy hotel called El Caribe right on the beach and spent some time in worship, which I helped to lead singing and playing my tambourine. No seriously, I play the tambourine. And the egg maracas. We also got to hear a few teachings from a visiting pastor in our network of churches throughout the nation and the world. This particular guy was from Denver, CO. David and I were particularly interested in that because we think we might like to move there sometime. We also got some quality time with our home groups which are smaller groups within our church who get together each week to hang out and study the bible. It was a good time.

Stink got there just in time for the baptisms and I took a few photos of that and of the cute children running around. Check out the photos from the beach retreat here. The beach retreat was lotsa fun and we're both really pooped. That didn't stop David and Stink from attacking the pink car's distributor cap with a soldering iron. They managed to get the car to start, but there seem to be other issues... hmmm... (maybe David can fill you in!).

So we hit Third Place Pub & Grille for dinner - tasty tasty and headed home. The boys are watching TV right now and I'm giving updates on the GA vs. BAMA game. I'm thinking about going to bed real quick like. Definitely check back for updates on the pink car and maybe some more photos!

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