06 November 2007

Health Prayers & Florida Basketball

So, Mark said we need to update.... ok ok ok.

Well in the prayer request department we've got some family health issues. I just found out today that our cousin Tara on David's mom's side is suffering from a pretty tough disease that has reached her bone marrow. It's very difficult to live with and is hard on the family. She is single & has a daughter, Paige who is 9 or 10 (I think). Please pray for both of them, that the family would know how to talk to Paige about this situation and that Tara would be kept well-taken care of. The next step is to look for a match to the bone marrow for a transplant.

My Dad, Gerry, is also facing some grave health issues right now. He's recently had some internal bleeding which miraculously stopped, but now is dealing with liver and gall bladder problems on top of managing Crohn's disease, which as of late has been pretty calm. Please pray that the tests turn out well and that his liver will stop jaundicing and be normal again. If not possible, please pray for a donor liver should he need it replaced.

If you're even in the mood for other news, David & I just went to an exhibition game for UF vs. Lynn University basketball last night. I got a few photos that are pretty fun, check them out.

UF 101 : Lynn 65

We had fun sitting with a couple of David's work pals, Patience & Amy and enjoyed being ridiculous with streamers once someone offered us some. If we can get spouse tickets, I'm sure we'll plan to go to a few more games in the coming season.

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