30 December 2007

Christmas Party at the Bentley's

Hallo! Here's a few photos... ok 98 of them from the party with some of the Coleman's closest friends at the Bentley's. We did a fun gift exchange and it was quite eventful!

Click on any of the photos to see the rest, here are my favorites:

Well, this one of Kasey is pretty funny. Haha... ok moving on...

A line-up of pretty girls

Dat cute baby!

Mike opening one of the first presents

Pretty holiday MaryBeth

Karis meant business, look how fast she is!

Debbie was tickled about her Pecans!!

Then things got interesting when Rick didn't pay mind to the girl's gift tag on this one. Yay! Bath & Body Works!! His favorite!

I was pretty happy about my Jam. Until Erica's mom had Emily steal it, and Emily didn't even want it and was begging people to take it from her.... then I got a key... yay! Keys are so in right now!

luckily for me, I got my jam back and MaryBeth was all over that key. Which, by the way, is so in right now, did you know?

Eyes wide with wonder, Craig anticipates something exciting in this heavy box.

He didn't seem disappointed with a jump rope and some 3lb weights, he gave us a demonstration with concentration.

Later on, he coveted the Turkey Caller with Jock.

This is what it looks like when men look at a baby together.

One of my fave sneaky captures.

I hope you enjoy, there's lots more, I've got too many favorites. Please leave a comment below or in the guestbook!

Love, Jemma

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