23 March 2008

thanksgiving 2007 photos

This past holiday, when my Dad went into the hospital in early November, our Thanksgiving plans changed and we ended up going to Live Oak to meet up with my brothers Jacob and Jon and my mum. I couldn't find these photos for a while, but now that I have, here they are!

A few of my faves are below...

Vera very excited and fast!

Coach having a jolly good time himself!

And of course the very fast Killian

Down the path they go.

David caught this really bright grasshopper!



This is Jon doing one of Dad's favorite 90's photo poses. But where are the short shorts Jon?

We have a lot of cool vegetation to hide in at our house.

Mum loves Coach. She wanted to keep him, but I say no no no!

Vera likes to be upside down.

Very cool.

This just about captures my family.

My fave pic.

Our little snakey friend.

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