01 March 2009

ATL - KC & Mike

We were so excited to do a family trip this weekend in Atlanta to go and see Ben Folds (awesome!) and we decided to try to use the awesome ATL backdrop for some engagement pics for mike & KC. Unfortunately it pretty much rained the entire time David and I were there, so we didn't actually end up getting to go out and do many pics. We ended up doing almost the entire shoot at the end of the hallway of Clay & Elizabeth's student apartment which had awesome natural light which we supplemented with a little bit of flash. The rest was done in the parking garage attached to their dorm. This shoot was very fun because it challenged me to focus entirely on my subjects to create the image and make it good. Here are a few of my faves. :-)

tribute to mom!!

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Anonymous said...

I love these! Thanks for taking the time to do these! I love you girl! Deb