04 September 2007

jemma's photography blog

so, you may have noticed a couple new links over there on the right side of the page. that's because i just created a photography blog! i love photography and was lucky enough to get to play around with our wedding photographers' canon 10d while i was working for them and they even let me keep it for a while afterward so I could take some photos in costa rica. so woot! to matt and krystal.

for my and david's birthdays, my mum gave us the flow toward an awesome digital slr! we have the canon eos digital rebel xti coming any day now and we're both really excited!

so since it seems my pursuit of art in photography will continue to grow, I scanned in some of my black and whites from my film canon rebel, posted those and some recent photos online in our gallery, and for my photoblog i'm uploading my more artistic shots, such as those from my costa rica and colorado trips into my flickr account, a much more user friendly and organizable system. eventually i'll be adding my family pics over there as well, but currently my free flickr capacity is full, so I'm saving up to upgrade it, unless someone is feeling frivolous...

so anywho, have a look at my new photoblog and feel free to make a comment, you don't even have to log in to do it, so let us know you stopped by!

<3 jemma

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