08 September 2007

Troy vs UF

Well, it's gameday! Second week of the season, and UF is playing Troy. We're sitting right behind the band, in like row 27, which is sweet. The band leader guy usually breaks it down with the drum corps, which is fairly entertaining.

Yeah, Troy is talking about UF being less physical than Arkansas and they're going to run a 4-2-5 on us to blanket our receivers. Yeah, go ahead and try to blanket CI, Bubba, Harvin, and Fayson. Rainey, Moore and Tebow will run over your LB's all day and slash you underneath in your soft zone. Please, please run a 4-2-5. Please.

My prediction: Close game at the half 24-21 with some errors by our young D. Adjustments at the half makes it 49-27 when the clock reads 0:00.

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