23 September 2007

The Pink Car

bad part - boooooooooooooooo

good part - yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

So Stink came up and we worked on the Pink Car this weekend. It died on me on the way home a couple of weeks ago, an apparent ignition failure. About 4 years ago I had installed a MSD 6A w/ Blaster 3 coil when the stock igniter failed (stupid internal coil...great idea Mazda). So I assumed it was something with that system, and it seems like it was. Apparently now you don't have to use the $180 MSD box, you can use a $15 GM HEI module that does about the same thing. Ahh, the joys of progress.

So we installed that HEI module with the new wiring scheme and it starts and idles fine, and it will drive pretty well. Until you go wide open on it, at which point it misfires and chokes out (leaving a nice cloud of black smoke from the unburned fuel). So now we're thinking the coil might be bad too, and they didn't have MSD Blaster 3 coils at the local auto parts store. So I'm going to order one of those this week and we should be back at 100% sometime this week.

Good thing is we fixed the accessory belt that I had let squeak for the last year. Yeah, I'm lazy with the car maintenance but it's so stinking hard when you don't have a garage. Or a carport. Or a paved driveway. And we eliminated the MSD 6A box for an easily replaceable HEI module. And we eliminated alot of potential problems moving forward, which is cool. For more pics of our fun with Stink, click here.


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