26 September 2007

on being southern

david has cultural day tomorrow at work, which is another one of Nationwide employee's excuses to have a pot-luck lunch every five minutes. at least it is on diversity though, which is worthwhile to teach people that just because they are white, it doesn't mean they have no culture.
to make it apply to white people on a level they can understand nationwide gave an example along the lines of lifestyle. however their example was pretty lame, "like if you're a single parent, you could bring in frozen dinners" as if all single parents don't cook or something. it's about diversity, not how everyone in a certain situation is the same. anyway, i'll get on with it.

so thinking about his lifestyle david thought it would be a good idea to cut up clif bars into small pieces to bring in, since he uses them for breakfast food. they are full of protein and fiber and actually taste good and can hold him over til lunch, therefore beating out cereal (david says he's allergic to milk) and waffles (he burned through 2 of them in like 6 months). but i thought that would be a waste of good clif bars since people probably wouldn't eat them and decided to go back to good old regular culture.

i called up david's mom and asked how to cook lima beans the southern way, which from my experience is cooked to mush consistency and tasting like meat. i went to publix and bought the beans and a smoked ham hock and went home and here's what it looked like.

i think i might be a little closer to being southern now.

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